Doggie Daycamp

Socialization and Relief

Weekday Daycamp
$21 a day per pet
$13 per half day (7am-12pm or 2pm-6pm)

Daycamp Packages....
5 Days (1 Week) $94 (10% Off)
10 Days (2 Weeks) $178 (15% Off)
15 Days (3 Weeks) $252 (20% Off)
20 Days (4 Weeks) $315 (25% Off)

(Package days do not have to be consecutive, 
and can include weekend days at no extra cost)

Daycamp consists of lots of play time, running around, and socializing with other dogs. Whether it's one time, once a month, or multiple times a week any dog can benefit from being thrown out of their every day monotony and brought to socialize with other dogs.

Daycamp is an ESPECIALLY useful tool for puppies who have had all of their puppy shots. It is a more controlled environment than dog parks, and the staff knows the personality of each dog, so the chances of a personality altering dog fight/attack is significantly lower for their little brains that are still learning correct doggie-on-doggie behavior.

Your pet, given they have passed their pet-play test, will be given time to run and play with their doggy companions. Dogs are split up by size and temperament and monitored constantly while loose.


3430 Gilmore Ave, Bakersfield, CA



(661) 326-1163

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