Overnight Camp

The Doggone Fun Way to Stay!

$31 a night per camper

      + $16 per extra camper staying in the same kennel.

+ $13 Half Day Daycamp if picked up after 12pm, on the day of pickup.

+ $3 per day if there is any special feeding instructions (such as adding wet food, raw feeding, giving medication, feeding more than 2 meals per day, or having to feed camp's food)

This is not traditional boarding. Your pet will not be stuck in a kennel all day. They will be allowed playtime and games throughout the day which is intended make your separation a little easier for them.

Required Dog Vaccines:

  • Rabies

  • Distemper Parvo

  • Bordatella [Kennel Cough] [Required every 6 months]

All vaccines must be done at least 7 days before your pet's stay.

All campers over a year old staying overnight must be fixed.

Your pet, given they have passed their pet-play test, will be given time to run and play with their doggy companions. Dogs are split up by size and temperament and monitored constantly while loose.


Only puppies who have completed at least 3 DHPP and one Bordatella will be allowed to stay with Camp K-9. Puppies over 4-months-old must have their rabies.


> 30 Day Stay: 10% Off w/ Deposit


3430 Gilmore Ave, Bakersfield, CA



(661) 326-1163

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